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We are Manufacturing All Types of Passenger Lift for Different Capicity And Speed


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We offer different types of cabins using material such as M.S., S.S., Wooden etc


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We provide latest version of Auto door, Manual collapsible gate, Imperforated doors for cabin and landings etc

We are sure the community will benefit at large. We assure to serve the community with the best of services.

POur Product's

Pessenger Elevator

Our latest passenger lifts comprises of VVVF Controller with sophis ticated steel cage & Latest electronic components for minimum and easy maintenance as well as and low power consumption as per today’s need.

Capsule Elevator

We provide all type of capsule lifts having ultramodern design to provide a cosmic zone experience to the passengers. The design provide extremely silent operation. It is also reliable and economical with minimum maintenance.

Freight Elevator

We provide a complete range of freight Elevator of different load carrying capacity.An Leo freight elevator in your building will make handling of goods easy and help in enhancing production.

Hydraulic Elevator

We manufacture hydraulic lifts of varied capacity and speed which are silent and smooth in operation.Hydraulic lift need only one wall for load bearing so load on the hoist way structure is very limited.

Home Elevator

Our company is also a leading manufacturer of home lifts that add style to your residence and has many features to it. The technology that these lifts uses is quite eco friendly and saves a lot of energy

Car Elevator

We are instrumental in offering our clients Car Elevator which are widely used in lifting of cars in various automobile manufacturing unit. Our range is manufactured by making use of premium quality steel sheets.

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Leo Elevator Pvt. Ltd. remains committed to evolve and pursue excellence in innovation with sincere mission to achieve total customer’s satisfaction. We are sure the community will benefit at large